At Eldorado Climbing Walls, I design indoor and outdoor climbing and bouldering walls for gyms, rec centers, universities, and even private residential customers. Below is a collection of some of the walls that have been built from my designs—a full design package includes client renders, fabrication specifications, and installation drawings.

Unique structure installed with no building attachments at the SkyZone family trampoline park in Normal, IL, in February of 2019.

Multi-family residential bouldering room installed at Arbors Apartments in Fort Collins, CO, in May of 2018.

The rec center of an apartment complex in Middleton, WI. They decided to go with blue instead of green and I moved the checkerboard section because the room was so skinny! The wall was installed in January of 2019.

Ninja Nation asked for a bouldering wall in their Englewood, CO, location. It’s pretty amazing to see so many kids and adults alike jumping, bounding, balancing, lifting, and running through the obstacles courses! Installation was complete in August 2018.

Rec centers and gyms are popular places to add climbing and bouldering walls. This little climbing corner went into a LifeStart fitness center in Los Angeles in October of 2018.

The Covington apartments in Denver wanted to add a small bouldering wall to the ground floor of their fitness center. I designed a structure to fit their needs and provide a colorful, interactive addition to the typical weights and treadmills usually found in a rec room.

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