For my Product Development course final project, I designed and prototyped a map-based food truck app to connect vendors with potential customers. The prototype featured two aspects:

  • The customer side of the product is a location-based food truck finder featuring search, filters (distance, cuisine, price), favorites, and notification options. There is also a section where you can view local and curated favorites or trucks frequented by your friends (via social media plug-ins). Mobile ads and a “Pro” ad-free upgrade purchase would be the basis of monetization and provide support funds.
  • The vendor side of the product was a smart-button designed around the Amazon Dash Button form factor that would allow food truck owners to immediately post their location and status, sending alerts to users who have enabled notification in the area. For refined tasks such as custom status, updating menus, and interacting with their customers, the mobile app featured a “Premium” subscription that allowed access to features similar to the Google My Business suite available in Google Maps.

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