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Thinkly 10 – A Brief History of Immensity

Hey-oh, ten episodes! In celebration of this thinkstoric achievement, Luke and Zander go full hog on curiosity, peeking in on a small piece the history of science. Join us in this special episode as we learn about some of the most notable instances of Man’s reach exceeding grasp—incredible dimensions that humans contemplated and tried to measure, but did not yet have the equipment (or sometimes even the mathematics) to understand accurately. The size of the earth, the speed of light, the existence of atoms… nothing is too big to calculate or too small to imagine!

Thinkly 09 – Artificial Womb, Flying Cars, and Bills Saving the World

A lot of great content this week, including a premature sheep carried to term in a laboratory bag-and-hose womb, tech companies racing to put out the first production-grade flying car, and an archeological find in California that tentatively suggests proto-human activity in North America tens of thousands of years before we were supposed to be here. We also discuss the new Netflix original show Bill Nye Saves the World and Bill Gates who is working to save the world without a TV show—by bringing the number of Indian citizens with access to clean toilet sanitation from 62% to 100% before 2020.

Thinkly 08 – Cassini, The Last Jedi, and Polygon Perspectives

NASA’s probe exploring Saturn has found chemicals evidencing a life-friendly environment on one of its moons. But in a galaxy far, far away, fans at Star Wars Celebration were treated to the first trailer for the next film in the series. Finally a short clip about how video games are made got Luke and Zander curious as to how developers program 3D environments to render around a user in an efficient manner, talking about some of the tricks used to ease the load on your GPU.

Thinkly 07 – Star Wars, Period Pieces, and Evolutionary Purposes of Art

Did you know a recent discovery in British Columbia could rewrite theories on early Native American migration routes? Humans living in Canada while mammoths and saber tooth cats still roamed the earth! Speaking of, time to get excited about the ancient cultures and crazy creatures at Star Wars Celebration and the 40th anniversary of the original film. To round out the evening, Luke and Zander share thoughts and speculations on the Darwinian mechanisms and survival purposes of humans’ tendencies for linguistic and artistic pursuits.


Thinkly 06 – Event Horizon, Rick & Morty, and Shakespearean Secrets

Ever wondered if a black hole really looks like the images in science fiction movies? Well the Event Horizon Telescope aims to find out. Also, Rick & Morty season 3 premiered on April Fools Day fooling everyone. Lastly we talk to Shakespeare expert Isabel Smith-Bernstein, graduate student at CU Boulder, about a mysterious notebook in a strange language that popped up this week containing clues that may help uncover the enigmatic English bard!