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Thinkly 15 – More Tesla, More Movies, and Cellular Networks.

This week on Thinkly, your co-hosts Luke and Zander talk about a couple Tesla firsts, the dangers of football, and the many high-caliber films out now. Then we take a quick dip into the world of wireless signals and cell towers to look at the basics of how carrier networks and mobile devices communicate with each other and get data sent to the right places.

Thinkly 14 – Summer! Tesla Model 3, Alex Honnold, and Solar Power

It’s been a chaotic, exciting past few weeks. But it’s time to get back to science, culture, and curiosity! This episode Luke and Zander get excited over Tesla’s reveal of the production Model 3 car, marvel at climbing legend Alex Honnold conquering a 3,000ft cliff in Yosemite (without safety gear!!), and discuss the three most prevalent methods for utilizing the massive nuclear furnace of the sun to create electricity 93 million miles away on earth.

Thinkly 13 – Salt Water Electricity, Paris, and Basic Income

In this episode from June 1st, Luke has to tackle science, technology, and culture without the help of his copilot, Zander. Come along to hear about AlphaGo’s campaign to dominate humanity, Penn State’s ability to generate electricity where rivers meet the ocean, Trump’s plan to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, and GiveDirectly’s experiment to measure the effects of a universal basic income on some of the most impoverished communities on earth.

Thinkly 11 – Tesla Roof, Mother’s Day, and All-Wheel vs Four-Wheel

Hello beautiful people! Luke and Zander are back at it after a short break following our 10th episode. In that time, Tesla has opened it’s new solar shingle roofing option for orders and an astoundingly-well-preserved ankylosaur fossil was unveiled to the world. Then we ask the question: What’s the difference between AWD and 4WD? On this Mother’s Day episode we also discuss a sobering study into the possible reasons why the US has one of the highest mother mortality rate in the developed world.