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Desirable | Useful | True

More and more I’ve been thinking recently that pieces of information can be scored according to these three categories… a claim can be placed somewhere on the scale that runs between desirable and undesirable, between true and untrue, and between useful and useless. And these three aspects must not be confused. For instance, telling a child that… Continue Reading


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Thinkly Podcast

The Thinkly Podcast is currently on hiatus while we plan and coordinate for Season 2. More great science, culture, and creativity will be coming soon! In the mean time, visit the Thinkly page to listen to the episodes from Season 1.

Last time on Thinkly we drooled over Tesla’s reveal of the production Model 3 car, marveled at climbing legend Alex Honnold conquering a 3,000ft cliff in Yosemite (without safety gear!!), and discussed the three most prevalent methods for utilizing the massive nuclear furnace of the sun to create electricity 93 million miles away on earth.